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Affordable moving service, with no hidden fees! 

Reliable partner for your moving challenges. Kengurut has great experience providing domestic and corporate/office removals. With Kengurut you can leave everything to us and save yourselves from all the hassle, or you can save money by doing as much as you want yourself. 

We supply stackable moving boxes and other packing materials, to help you pack your items. We are also more than glad to give you necessary instructions and guidance for your succesful home moval!  Well planned moval with a good partner is the key element for a succesful, stressless and efficent result.  When our moving company movers arrives, we have a plan together, everything is ready to go and there is no unnecessary time spent wondering how and what to do. This way everbody wins.

Our movers are fast and experienced everyday heroes, who are not afraid of physical work. We can take care of additional protection on site when requested, before the moving load is packed into the car. Our company’s goal is to produce a reasonably priced service equally for everyone. Every weekday, we move our customers to their new home carefree and effortlessly. So choose us as your moving partner, get a free quotation (fill up the form below).

Customer is number one in everything we do.
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Our key-idea is really not to speak the best nor fluent english, but to have mutual understanding of needs and challenges in Your moval, so we are able to come well prepared  accordingly.

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